Our aQuellé Limited Edition campaign has come to a close, but the joy of Watermelon, Granadilla, and Apple doesn’t stop here. You’ve waited with baited breath to hear if your favourite flavour has made it into the range, but we have some awesome news for you: you voted, we listened and all three Limited Edition flavours are here to stay!

We heard what you had to say and we knew you loved them so much that we couldn’t keep only one, so we’re keeping all three. You can enjoy sipping on Watermelon, Granadilla, and Apple, now part of our Flavoured Sparking range.

Look out for your favourite three flavours in store, now in our blue bottles. Be sure to keep an eye out for these flavours 1.5 L too, which will be on sale from June.

Taste the joy of our entire flavoured range, now with our three UNlimited edition flavours, giving you ten amazing ways to let the real joy flow. 

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