Life is busy. Especially online. We’re so busy scrolling, pressing and answering, that we miss what’s actually happening around us.
We think it’s time to log out this summer and choose joy for real – the kind of joy you get from spending time with your family, laughing with your friends and experiencing the sunny outdoors.

We went offline for the whole of December and it was refreshing. We asked you how you experienced #JoyForReal this summer holiday and love the joyful memories you shared with us. Click here to view these memories and see our winners!

In 1997 a uniquely wholesome brand of water was born. After testing a natural water source buried in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal and finding it was too good not to share, the water was bottled and branded “aQuellé”.
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For 20 years South Africa has supported aQuellé and we want to say THANK YOU! Click here to see how we did this…

Whether you’re running for fun, playing with your family or having some serious competition, #BeActive naturally with aQuellé. Natural spring water for all your round hydration, available in a 750ml bottle. See how we got active on TV!